Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hello what...kitty you say???

So like the greatest thing happened to me today!!!..I all of a sudden decided after watching fafinettex3's tutorial and viewing makeupbytiffanyd's swatches that I really wanted the pink fish tinted lip conditioner. Well I call mac just being desperate to know that i checked if they had any....and hhhaallleellluuuuuuyyyahhhh....the lady on the other end of the line says they do, and thats not all she says they got a new shipment of a lot of the products today so i take a stab at it and ask if they had gotten any hello kitty makeup bags...and i couldn't believe it..she said YES!!! [= i was sooo happy i litterally started jumping for now i have one [= my first makeup bag..hehe..

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