Sunday, April 19, 2009

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So I'm happy but sad. I REALLY don't want to go back to school on Monday. I wish spring break could last another 2 weeks or maybe not forever but you catch my drift, and i haven't even started on all the fuckin homework that i got..grrr. But neways...So I'm happy that i FINALLY got my hair cut, but even after all my canceled appointments i still love my hair dresser (Christina) she's effin awsome!!!..and her son unfortunately has cancer so she has to help him out as best she if being a mom wasn't hard enough. But i really respect that boy because any average 11 year old gets to live a carefree life but he has to deal with his illness. People like that really inspire me to do and be better. I mean i complain about the stupidest things, I should just be happy I'm alive and healthy. But on to a lighter subject Wednsday (i know i spelled that wrong, i always do) was my bf keara's bday so we celebrated on Friday by going to Speedzone and then Joe's Crab Shack (sorry sha [= lol) I had fun and got to celebrate with my bestie so all is good!! [=

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